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Brain Salad – November

Brain Salad – November

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“Whenever the first leaves would fall, back when I was a child, I would began to count down the moments until there were enough to gather.  The amount wasn’t anything specific, more like an estimation of how big the pile would have to be to break my fall.  Just beyond the worn away patch of dirt in the lawn, I would corral the leaves.  Always careful to try and filter out any twigs or other debris that could later become dangerous.  The old rope swing stayed up year round, but some seasons were favorable.  You never knew for sure if it was a good cushion until you tried it.  So once I felt I had an adequate collection I would back up as far as I could go.  Running and leaping with a mighty push, I would launch into the brisk air.”

-Danny Glover


  1. Pillow Talk – Wild Child
  2. One Thing – Peter and Kerry
  3. The Ballad of Speck and Pebble – Delicate Steve
  4. Up Up Up – Givers
  5. Settle Down – Kimbra
  6. Australia – Conner Youngblood
  7. Time Spent in Los Angeles – Dawes
  8. Cannons – Youth Lagoon
  9. Money – The Drums
  10. Champagne Coast – Blood Orange
  11. Death by Accident – Halloween, Alaska
  12. Call it Off – Washed Out
  13. DIY – Keep Shelly in Athens
  14. Colours (Remix) – DJ21azy
  15. Ohio – Justice
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Thanks and Enjoy and Thanks. xx

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins

Sometimes music comes along that just has too much flavor for me to share it with anyone right away.  I get nervous that I’m enjoying these sounds just because of how unique it is, instead of it simply just being good music.  Its almost that I feel like I might be getting tricked by a facade of production tricks or gypsy magic that makes me THINK that the music is good, as opposed to knowing for sure.  Upon first listen of Diamond Mine from King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, I was enamored by the richness of the backing tracks (Jon Hopkins) and the vocals (King Creosote).  First off, I’m a sucka for vocalists with blatant accents, and King Creosotes Scottish* drawl plays right into that weakness.  The first track that caught my attention was “John Taylor’s Month Away” which is a slowly building track that swells up to large wide sounds and eventually fades into a soundscape beautifully orchestrated by Jon Hopkins.  This album was reported as a project that was “a culmination of about seven weeks of work spread over seven years of recording and collaboration” which really shows in the final project.  I feel like this started as a dream between the two of them to work with a musician that they respected and because they both had a unique vision for the project, it ended up being such a masterpiece.  The standout track on Diamond Mine for me would definitely be “Bubble”, which features Hopkins knack for minimalist percussion and other droning chords that create such a lovely backdrop for the harmonizations of the the vocals.  The final product is quite the enchanting adventure, and they managed to capture that with an AMAZING music video.  Check out the video and other quality tracks below.


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/KingCreosoteJonHopkins_690/05-Bubble.mp3]

“John Taylor’s Month Away”

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/KingCreosoteJonHopkins_690/02-JohnTaylorsMonthAway.mp3]

“Bats in the Attic (unravelled)”

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/KingCreosoteJonHopkins_690/03-BatsInTheAtticunravelled.mp3]

Check out their concert from the Tiny Desk Series from NPR to see how it all happens.

Thanks and enjoy and thanks. xx

Brain Salad – October

Brain Salad – October



Last night I had a dream that my friends and I were being pulled around a lake (in which one end was a shallow indoor pool) by a rope that had some sort of strange throttle mechanism on it.  Hanging on to this rope, my friends and I zipped around the lake just enjoying the ride.  All of this was fine and grand until we were pulled back into the pool area and we discovered something written on the floor of the pool.  I remember getting just close enough to read it, feeling scared because of the way that my friend had shouted about it, and then I woke up.

Enjoy this months Brain Salad.


  1. The Bad in Each Other – Feist
  2. Love & Light – Sandro Perri
  3. Virus – Bjork
  4. Cruel – St. Vincent
  5. On Your Side – Icarus Himself
  6. Carried Away – The Kooks
  7. Honey Bunny – Girls
  8. Post War Blues – Dan Mangam
  9. My KZ Ur BF – Everything Everything
  10. Murder Room – Pepper Rabbit
  11. Lemonade – Braids
  12. Fading Colors (Bloomington) – Canon Blue
  13. Bonfire – Childish Gambino
  14. Kelly (Schlomo Remix) – When Saints Go Machine
  15. Family Affair – Hugo Frederick

James Blake – Enough Thunder **First Listen**

James Blake has been blowing me away since I first heard “Wilhelm Scream” early last year.  Since then he’s been amazing me with his amalgamation of minimalist, post-dubstep, and r&b stylings.  His sorrowful falsetto is the perfect counterpart to his distinct glitchy reverbed percussion that he uses on the majority of his tracks.  He is easily one the best new artists (nominated for 2011 Mercury Prize a.k.a. the Grammys of The UK but better because its not in America) and continues to impress the blogosphere with his excellent productions and mixes.  I’m really into the whole post-dubstep movement and the new bass music sounds that are coming out of the UK right now (see: PostDubstep Tumblr) and James Blake is one of the defining artists in this movement and alot of what we are seeing are reflections of his sound.  It is a wonderful place we live in where artists can be immediately influential in the music world.

I’ve been wanting to post about James Blake for a grip now, and the fact that he’s preparing his new album is a damn good reason to continue building the hype about this guy.  He’s collaborated with one of my favorite voices/songwriters in the whole world, Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon, for a track on the upcoming album.  This track “Fall Creek Boys Choir” is just a clue as to what this new album will be like, and its a huge tease.  The full track list has been released and the album is to be called Enough Thunder.  (Get the deets HERE)This song really illustrates the innovation that James Blake exudes and I sincerely hope that he continues to create new sounds and produce music of the high quality that he has in the past.

If you have never heard James Blake, please check him out.  He’s creating extremely intelligent music with a flavor that he’s made all his own, and not surprisingly he’s the best at what he does.

Wilhem’s Scream

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake/02JamesBlake-WilhelmsScream.mp3]


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake/01JamesBlake-Unluck.mp3]

Limit to Your Love (Feist Cover)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake/06JamesBlake-LimitToYourLove.mp3]

Fall Creek Boys Choir

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake/fall-creek-boys-choir.mp3

Give a Man a Rod (Second Version)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake/9c37giveAManARodsecondVersion.mp3]

A Millie (Harmonimix Remix) *Harmonimix is James Blake’s remix/Dj moniker*

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake/13AMillieharmonimix.mp3]


**First Listen**  James Blake – Enough Thunder 320kbps

1. Once We All Agree

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake_295/01OnceWeAllAgree.mp3]

2. We Might Feel Unsound

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake_295/02WeMightFeelUnsound.mp3]

3.  Fall Creek Boys Choir

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake_295/03FallCreekBoysChoir.mp3]

4.  A Case of You

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake_295/04ACaseOfYou.mp3]

5. Not Long Now

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake_295/05NotLongNow.mp3]

6.  Enough Thunder

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/JamesBlake_295/06EnoughThunder.mp3]


Thanks and Enjoy and Thanks

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Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich came to my attention while scouring the interwebz for material for the Brain Salad compilations.  I first came across “WHALE” which is a track that starts simply with just some looped vocals and percussion.  Lead singer and project mastermind Alex Schaff chimes in with his juvenile and playful voice that he decorates really really well with some light distortion.  This adds a really nice grainy, yellowish touch to the music.  For the most part, Schaff writes songs that form around looped vocals of some sort, typically densely harmonized as well.  His latest release, Mistress, comes after two EP’s – The Morgan Freeman EP, and Fade Cave EP.  All of these releases are good, and if you’re into movies and pop culture as much as you are into good music, I highly suggest checking out The Morgan Freeman EP.  It is exactly what you might assume it not to be: a collection of songs about or directly relating to Morgan Freeman.  Its incredibly entertaining and it really gives you a good idea about what Yellow Ostrich is all about.  Other highlights include “Hahahaohhoho” off The Mistress  and “Getting Lost/Staying Lost” from the Fade Cave EP.  I really really like what Yellow Ostrich has going on, and they’ll  be doing a string of dates with Ra Ra Riot, so that would just be an excellent show.  So try and catch them if they’re around.  They’re playing an excellent ACL Fest this weekend.  And I don’t want to talk about how I’m not there.  xx


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/YellowOstrich/YellowOstrich-TheMistress-02Whale.mp3]


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/YellowOstrich/YellowOstrich-TheMistress-06Hahahaohhoho.mp3]

“Get Lost/Staying Lost”

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/YellowOstrich/05GettingLost-stayingLost.mp3]

“Morgan Freeman’s Selected Filmography”

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/YellowOstrich/05MorganFreemansSelectedFilmography.mp3]

He also has a couple of wonderful covers that you will probably (hopefully) enjoy.

“King of Spain” – Tallest Man on Earth cover

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/YellowOstrich/King-of-Spain-The-Tallest-Man-on-Earth-cover.mp3]

“Don’t Haunt this Place” – The Rural Alberta Advantage cover

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/YellowOstrich/Dont-Haunt-This-Place-The-Rural-Alberta-Advantage-cover.mp3]

Thanks and enjoy and thanks.

Brain Salad – September

Brain Salad – September

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It’s been said that salad is the only thing that beavers are afraid of.  While that is undoubtedly fact, this salad is nothing to be afraid of unless you’re a beaver that also hates nice sounding things.  In that case, I’m amazed at your ability to use the internet seeing as you’re a beaver, and less concerned about whether you enjoyed the mix.  Anyways, this mix was kind of thrown together from the songs I’ve been listening to all month, and a couple late additions to make up for the plethora of new albums that are coming out or have leaked.  The first song, “Bubble”  come from Mercury Prize 2011 nominee King Creosote and Jon Hopkins.  This is a soft interesting number that has sparse percussion that keeps the songs rolling along at a comfortable pace.  Next is “WHALE” from brooklyn indie-folkers Yellow Ostrich.  I’ve just discovered these guys and found them to have a number of well done covers (including a Tallest Man “King of Spain” cover that really made me smile).  Check it out if you enjoy that sort of thing.  The song “Pineapple Girl”  from Mister Heavenly, is a fun track that reminds me of Dale Earnhardt jr. jr. with a little less manners.   “Suffragette Suffragette” from Everything Everything is a electric guitar led number that has very Two Door Cinema Club esque breaks and rhythm.  Also they pose the age old question of “Who’s going to sit on your face when I’m gone?” (jksc)  Yacht brings us an very nice synth pop anthem with “Dystopia”.  “Serve the People” from The Handsome Furs (Sub Pop) is such a great song that I really am at a loss of words about it.  I saw the duo perform this live and i think the emotion associated with my memory of that show are clouding me from making objective statements about it.  so yeah. listen.  Next is the fully electronic slash EDM section of the mix, with new songs from CSS and M83.  Finally some nice crunchy filth to end out the mix with “All Nite” and “Happy Violence”.   Pleeze pleeze enjoy this music and spread it amongst the masses that deserve to hear it.  and continue to have fun/be safe.

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  1. Bubble – King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
  2. WHALE – Yellow Ostrich
  3. Feel My Shadow – Malemute
  4. Pineapple Girl – Mister Heavenly
  5. Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club
  6. Suffragette Suffragette – Everything Everything
  7. The Look – Metronomy
  8. Penthouse Suites – Wise Blood
  9. Dystopia – Yacht
  10. Serve the People – Handsome Furs
  11. Come Back to Me – The Rapture
  12. Hit Me Like A Rock – CSS
  13. Charisma of the Sun – Tygerstrype
  14. OK Pal – M83
  15. All Nite – Rustie
  16. Happy Violence – Dada Life

Thanks and enjoy and thanks.

Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces is a hip-hop group on Sub Pop Records (swag) and one of the most on point artists out there right now.  Their lyricists articulate delivery and hard-hitting instrumentals have had me vibin’ hard since I first gave him a listen.  His song’s typically deal with subject matter far removed from that of most rap and hip-hop acts of today, which is refreshing and extremely appealing.  The raw attitude of the lyrics is what hooked me initially, and as I kept listening, it was the songs as a whole that kept me coming back.  It’s hard to categorize Shabazz Palaces, and I think that that attests to their straightforward mentality.  They seem to do exactly what they want, and thats what keeps the music honest and pure.  Songs like “Chuch” and “Blastit” having driving rhythms that instantly create the urge to bob your head, these are the songs you want to blast with the windows down while passing a group of punk middle school hood rats.  If you catch my drift.  Their use of interesting electronic sounds on their instrumentals really defines their sound.  Their extremely creative with their rhythms and I can’t wait to see what these guys throw at us in the future.

For Fans of:  Wu-Tang, De la Soul, hip-hop


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ShabazzPalaces/04-ShabazzPalaces-Chuch.mp3]

32 leaves

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ShabazzPalaces/03-ShabazzPalaces-32Leaves.mp3]

An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ShabazzPalaces/02AnEchoFromTheHostsThatProfessInfinitum.mp3]

Blastit (live from Daytrotter)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ShabazzPalaces/005-Blastit….mp3]

Swerve… The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ShabazzPalaces/10Swerve…TheReepingOfAllThatIsWorthwhilenoirNotWithstanding.mp3]


Thanks and Enjoy.  and thanks.

Thao and Mirah

Thao and Mirah first came to my attention through the multiple live video sessions I had seen them in.  Mainly, their videos on Yours Truly, had caught my attention.  They are both intriguing characters and I enjoyed watched them harmonize on their creative indie-folk-pop orchestrations.  However, when they enlisted Merril Garbus, the mastermind behind the amazing musical experience that is the Tune-yards, to help them record their album, they introduced a whole new sonic atmosphere to their music.  Garbus brought out elements in the music that could not be experienced through their live sessions.  This is what caught me so off guard.  I was prepared for a very spacey folk album with dense harmonies and fluttery guitar.  Something along the lines of Mountain Man, or Low.  What I found was an extremely entertaining album full of creative percussion, driving rhythms, and really just enjoyable sounds on nearly every song.  Its always a good sing when I can’t decide which song from an album to post, and such is the case with this album.  Their are so many good tracks on this 12-song album, so I strongly urge you to procure this album in any way you see fit.  You will not regret it.  Its just an extremely interesting album and I have been thoroughly entertained by it since I first listened.

For Fans of:  Laura Marling, Tune-Yards, Anais Mitchell


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ThaoAndMirah/01-Eleven.mp3]


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ThaoAndMirah/05-Teeth.mp3]

How Dare You

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ThaoAndMirah/07-HowDareYou.mp3]

Sugar and Plastic (alternate)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ThaoAndMirah/12-SugarAndPlasticalternate.mp3]


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ThaoAndMirah/02-Folks.mp3]

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Thanks and enjoy and thanks.

Brain Salad – August

Brain Salad – August



**Free Download**

This month’s Brain Salad is full of wonderfully fun songs that have guided me through the summer days with relative ease.  Lookin forward to getting back to the brick streets of the university and enjoy the company of my friends.  There was a large quantity of good music released this months, and some wonderful new albums have made their way through my ears (Fruit Bats, Beirut, Portugal the Man) I’m seeing the Head and the Heart(!!!!) w/the Decemberists this week so alot of my listening has been occupied with that.  First is a song that I’ve been sitting on for a while, “Wedding Song”, is a song by Anais Mitchell from her Folk album Hadestown featuring Justin Vernon (Bon Iver).  Its a sweet sweet song with nice harmonies that have been stickin to the inside of my head for quite some time.  Next is my favorite song of the new Vetiver album The Errant Charm.  “Can’t You Tell” is a chill song perfect for strolling around in the sun on any given summer day.  “Dolly” by the Fruit Bats is a playful number from one of my new favorite bands.  Their new album has been on repeat.  The new stuff from The Kooks, Portugal.  The Man, and Beirut is all just as quality as one would expect from these wonderful bands.  The new song “Go Outside” from the Cults is just too summer (cool) to leave off this playlist, I’m really liking it.  “Somebody That I Used To Know” found its way onto the playlist because it enlisted the magic of a wonderful dual male/female lead vocal part.  Just can’t get enough of this track.  The next is the electronic section of the salad, is really quite groovin if I do say so myself.  The new track from Bjork, “Crystalline”, pleased me to hear because of its similarity in percussion to Sufjan Stevens on the Age of Adz.  Tycho’s new song goes in the category of “Superchill” and fit right in.  “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn has been remixed and thrown into mashups and mixes so much since we first heard it, and I put my favorite of those on here.  The final track is remix to “Somebody that I Used To Know” that I really enjoyed when I came upon it.  Hope you do as well.  In addition I hope the entirety of this mix improves your mood and has you better than you were previously.

**Click to Download**



  1. Wedding Song – Anais Mitchell
  2. Can’t You Tell – Vetiver
  3. Dolly – Fruit Bats
  4. Junk of the Heart (Happy) – The Kooks
  5. Got it All (This Can’t Be Living Now) – Portugal.  The Man
  6. Santa Fe – Beirut
  7. Go Outside – Cults
  8. Somebody that I used to Know – Gotye ft. Kimbra
  9. Rising – Son Lux
  10. All There Is – Chrome Sparks ft. Steffaloo
  11. Crystalline – Bjork
  12. Hours  – Tycho
  13. Circles – Digitalism
  14. Gucci Gucci (Rock It Scientists) – Kreayshawn
  15. Somebody that I Used to Know (Rufus Re-Edit) – Gotye ft.  Kimbra

thanks and enjoy and thanks.

New Gotye Single

Recently the video for Gotye’s new single of his upcoming album was leaked. This was the Belgium-born Australian’s first leak so far, and I think he handled it great. Wally released the video on vimeo right away and the single is available to purchase through iTunes (Australia) as well as directly from his site gotye.com. You can also listen to the track on his soundcloud.

The song is a duet featuring Kimbra who also has a new album coming out soon. It is an extremely emotional and powerful song. The first half of the song is simple, soothing, smooth, and beautiful. When the chorus comes in at around a minute and a half, you get hit with a wave. It honestly took my breathe away the first time I heard it. The vocals of Wally and Kimbra go together perfect, it sends chills down your spine.

The video is very moving as well with some creative stop-time animation and full body painting. I can imagine making this video was a lengthy shoot with a lot of standing around, but it turned out fantastic. I don’t know about you all, but this song will be on repeat in my headphones for at least a week. Enjoy!

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