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Brain Salad – April

Brain Salad – April

April’s Brain Salad has a great deal of mixed greens, that starts with folk and ends with filth (Filth Collins that is). The first song Daydreaming by Middle Brother was stuck in my head worse than the first time I heard Blue (Da Ba Dee), which is purty dayum bad, its just a great folk track that I would like to never forget. Tv on the Radio’s new album is money, real good energy on that one, hard to pick of a favorite track. Summer was described by friend as being “almost too Chill… almost.”, agreed. Exposition by Man in Space is something that I had to include simply for its uniqueness, not sure I’ve heard anything similar, ‘cept maybe tune-yards. The RAC remix is one of a multitude of great releases by the Collective. Next comes Architecture in Helsinki, which I succinctly describe as Nu-MadonnaPrince/Indie/Dance-pop with an extra helping of sass. Mansion on the Moon are an old fave, and they’re workin on a new album so be on the lookout for that. Yeasayer’s “Phoenix Wind” showed up on their Record Store Day release, which was enjoyed greatly. OK. Next. Jesty Beatz is rumored (and hinted) to be workin on a new album, set to be released soon hopefully, and to spawn hype I’ve included possibly the greatest song ever made, “The Plot to Save the World/Genesis 16”. Multi-talented rapper Childish Gambino’s All of the Lights cover/remix goes on here for its ingenious flow and the mere fact that he name dropped Frank Ocean (google dat). Ken Griffey Jr. slept its way onto the mix just for sheer creativity. And Flux Pavillion win’s the Filthiest drop to date. I almost poo’d the first time, be wary. Well on that note, enjoy and share the glove. 

Tracklist after the Jump.



  1. Daydreaming – Middle Brother
  2. Hard Believer – First Aid Kit
  3. Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
  4. New Cannonball Run – TV on the Radio
  5. Summer – MOTHS
  6. Exposition – Man in Space
  7. Somethign Good Can Work (RAC Remix) – Two Door Cinema Club
  8. B4 3D – Architecture in Helsinki
  9. Islands (TATF Remix) – Young the Giant
  10. Lights Off ft. Junior Boys – Mansions on the Moon
  11. That Beep – Architecture in Helsinki
  12. Phoenix Wind – Yeasayer
  13. The Plot to Save the World/Genesis 16 – Jesty Beatz
  14. Break (AOTL) – Childish Gambino
  15. Keep Me There – Nicolas Jaar
  16. Ken Griffey Jr. – Comma
  17. Bass Cannon (Filth Collins Bottleg) – Flux Pavillion

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and grab past months Brain Salads here

Also good look to Tony Mannira for the Album Art.

Thanks and Enjoy and Thanks.


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