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Avett Brothers

Whenever I talk to anyone about Avett Brothers, its usually I a “ZOMGGGZZZ I LOVE THEM!!!!” or a “meh I think I like them but I don’t know where to start…”  I was previously the latter.  Now I am the former.  With the help of an Avett loving friend, I was introduced to three albums, Emotionalism, I and Love and You, and A Carolina Jubilee.  I was ecstatic that to find out that this band had THREE albums that were definitely worth a listen (I was soon to find out, all their material was worth listening to).  The Avett Brothers sound is a glorious amalgamation of Americana, Bluegrass, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, and with some punk rock sprinkled amongst beautiful mess.  I fell in love with the bros. because of their classic folk messages embedded in their lyrics.  The music is riddled with tales and lessons on love, caring, family, ethics/morals, and more love.  For anyone that thinks or believes they have ever been in love, you will immediate associate with the stories they tell, and for the one’s who haven’t you’ll probably end up desiring to fall madly in love with someone more than ever.  The beauty of their music is rooted deeply in their storytelling and the gorgeous vocal harmonies of Seth and Scott(which fit in snugly with the acoustic guitar, banjo, cello, piano, and upright bass).

If that wasn’t brief enough.  Here’s this.  My personal faves from the Avett Bros. catalog. and a view vids that I fell in love with as well.  After the jump.

For Fans of: Mumford and Sons, Cadillac Sky, First Aid Kit

Laundry Room

The Avett Brothers~Laundry Room from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

Weight of Lies

If It’s the Beaches

I Would Be Sad

Bella Donna

Ballad of Love and Hate

Murder in the City

Please spread the good word about this great band and please talk to me about them because I would love to hear what you think…


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