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Young the Giant

If you’ve ever given me any inclination that you at least partially enjoy indie rock, I probs have told/raved to you about Young the Giant. This Newport Beach, California based band came to my attention this past summer when a blog I check posted “My Body” and “I Got”. Immediately I was obsessed with the smooth/crunchy/glassy/thick guitar sounds on both tracks. In addition, the lead singer, Sameer, has an incredibly rich, warm voice that seems right at home on every track. I remember dragging one of my audio friends back to my apartment after class to hear these songs and marvel in their wonder. When their debut album came out, I’m not sure I’ve binged so hard on a single album since Good News for People Who Love Bad News established permanent residence in my blue Walkman cd player (with behind-the-head headphones, of course). Since the beginning of my fandom, I’ve seen them three times now, and their live shows are simply incredible. They simply know how to get at the V-necks and black frames jumping and screaming and clapping at all the right times. After the first time I saw them, I got the chance to talk to them and they were incredibly gracious for my praise, and are just all around great guys. I continue to stay in contact with them at each show I see and they’re just best. Really. Nice guys, great music, and good vibes. Young the Giant always leaves me well satisfied and yet fiending for more.

That yearning for more great YTG material is what lead me to the great videos I’ll post at the end. For now here are my highlights.


My Body

I Got


Take me Home

Killed me when I heard them do this on the BBC Radio!!!!
Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)


***UPDATE*** just found this lil’ nugget.

Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan Cover)

Thanks again and share the love.

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