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Brain Salad – May

In the words of Mark Wahlberg, “Brain Salad is my favorite meat.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself Marky.  This Brain Salad created itself in the midst of what was a very strange month, and I think it reflects that.  The mix of greens and veggies and dressing and crunchy squares of bread in this one really create quick a delicious dish.  There are parts of this mix that I’ve struggled not to share with you prematurely because iI was so dayum excited about them.  Sew much good music came out this month, and it was fun and time-consuming sorting through all of it.  But I’ve done it, and I’m confident I’ve done it well.  I Sincerely hope you agree.

The mix starts soft as always, with my current favorite track off the sophomore Bon Iver album, which is stellar and I highly urge you check out HERE.  Next my choice nugs off of the newest material from My Morning Jacket and Danger Mouse, both of whose album are equally worth giving a serious listen (Danger Mouse especially if you’re a fan of film scores.)  The track “Zorbing” by Stornoway, has completely taken over the space in my brain reserved for catchy tunes.  That band, named after a silly little town in Europe that has a knack for spitting out musically talented humans, has really surprised and satisfied me quite a great deal this month.  After that, “With Love” is a wonderfully joyous tune from Elbow, which had me frequently humming and snapping its melody involuntarily since I first heard it (don’t resist it, embrace it).  “Bruises” comes from indie rockers Chairlift, and came to my attention because of its placement in a certain commercial (free hug for anyone who comments with the answer).  Next track I threw on because I cannot stress enough how important it is that you all download or buy the new Tune-yards album Who Kill.  It’s seriously a game changer.  Nothing like it.  “Winds of Change” by Fitz and the Tantrums has me singing every time and reliving seeing them in Columbus w/ Ra Ra Riot and Young the Giant.  Next comes some electronic jams, highlighted by the track by Digits, which tickled my fancy because of the Hot Chip similarities that he admits to having.  After those electro tracks comes more Jesty Beatz, who’s new album comes out soon, however no date known for sure yet.  But keep your eyes and ears out for him, he is in fact the truth, and he will save us from ourselves one day.  The Chiddy Bang track is off his fresh new mixtape Peanut Butter & Swelly, and took me forever to choose because almost all of those tracks are #sickDopeNasty.  At the bottom of this salad bowl, drenched in the leftover dressing, are two standout remixes from this month.  Two Door Cinema Club + Young the Giant = unfair.  Nuff Said.  And that “Pumped Up Kicks” remix is a “jump-around-the-room-and-smile” track.  Enjoy.  Hope this salad keeps you full until the forest can feed you some more delicious treats.

Tracklist *******************

  1. Halocene – Bon Iver
  2. Wonderful (the Way I Feel) – My Morning Jacket
  3. Two Against One ft. Jack White – Danger  Mouse and Daniele Luppi
  4. Love Out of Lust – Lykke Li
  5. Zorbing – Stornoway
  6. Weapons For War – A Lull
  7. With Love – Elbow
  8. Bruises – Chairlift
  9. Powa – Tune-yards
  10. Winds of Change – Fitz and the Tantrums
  11. Natural ft. Donne of TLGLTP
  12. Lost Dream – Digits
  13. Need Someone – Stubborn Heart
  14. I Want You – Jesty Beatz
  15. Dancing With the DJ (Remix) – Chiddy Bang
  16. Far Nearer (Ollie Macfarlane Remix) – Jamie XX
  17. My Body (Two Door Cinema Club Remix) – Young the Giant
  18. Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix) – Foster the People
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Brain Salad – May

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One thought on “Brain Salad – May

  1. yezzz “powa” is my fave tune-yards track. Amazing mix per usual

    Posted by cammmmm | 2011, 7:14 pm

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