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Brain Salad – July

July’s Salad of the brain variety is actually June’s.  To explain, my inner genius has noticed that people don’t want to listen to last months music, so I have cleverly skipped ahead and named this salad July, for the simple reason of attractiveness to Brain Salad virgins.  So yeah, theres that.

Now, this salad has a bit of a different taste.  There’s still the classic sweet start, with your (my) favorite folk tunes that have been brooding in the inner region of the brain.  The first song “Flee or Fight” comes from a wonderfully talented band, Matrimony, who construct delicious folk rock songs with both male and female lead vocals (see album: The Sea & the Eye).  Next, another good track from Stornoway, who continue to satisfy me with their creative folk pop, lead by a wonderful voiced lead singer.  The Vampire Weekend song “Cousins” covered by Mumford and Sons, is the next track on the mix, and is just a prime example of good musicians paying homage to each other.  Love that shit.  Man In Space makes another appearance in the salad bowl, with a wonderful sing-out-load anthem march thing song track hit.  Get it?   Every once in a while I will become interested in a band or album simply because of a creative or intriguing name (Hoodie Allen, Trampled By Turtles, etc.) and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is one of those bands.  Their elegant harmonies and creative indie rock songs have had me humming and smiling like a nutcase.  No Diggity, do I really have to explain that one?  If you got a problem, take it up with Steve Wilkos.  In the hip-hop section, I’ve decided to share with you, Shabazz Palaces.  Which is yet another Sub Pop records outlet that I promote.  Its straight forward hip hop with a darker feel and just hard banging beats, nothing overdone, just done.  GHOST TOWN BY THE SPECIALS IS POSSIBLY THE BEST SONG EVER AND I INCLUDED IT JUST TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU ALL HAD IT IN YOUR LIBRARY.  Next is the electronic portion of the dish, and features some very dreamy and washed out electro jams.  Mansions on the Moon’s single is out, promoting their new album which is being released soon.  For fans of Passion Pit.  Hot Chip got thrown in just to give you something to dance to in the dark.  The new release from Junior Boys is phenomenal, completely changing my mind about them (also for fans of Passion Pit and the likes).  Lastly, comes the original version of a Jamie xx song that was featured on the last Brain Salad in its remix form.

Anyways, this has been a fun one to compile, and make sure to check out the album art and stare at it for while, because that was fun too.

**Click below to download**


Tracklist after the jump.

  1. Flee or Fight – Matrimony
  2. Fuel Up – Stornoway
  3. Cousins (Fleetwood Mac cover) – Vampire Weekend
  4. Home Sweet Home – Man in Space
  5. Nothing But Our Love – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
  6. No Diggity – Chet Faker
  7. Orange Blossom – Gardens & Villa
  8. An Echo From the Hosts that Profess Infinitum – Shabazz Palaces
  9. Ghost Town – The Specials
  10. Lose It – Austra
  11. Carnival – Disclosure
  12. Darkness – Mansions on the Moon
  13. Falling Asleep – Painted Palms
  14. Safe and Sound – Capital Cities
  15. Thieves in the Night – Hot Chip
  16. A Truly Happy Ending – Junior Boys
  17. Far Nearer – Jamie XX

Thanks and enjoy and Thanks


One thought on “Brain Salad – July

  1. Sick album cover, and good decision on the labeling the album with the Month is debuts, I agree it’s more appropriate and attractive….no one wants to listen to whats out dated…hard to believe some people feel a few weeks is considered “out dated”. Just hit the DL and can not wait to give this album a listen. Good work man!

    Posted by Tevin | 2011, 11:39 am

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