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Brain Salad – September

Brain Salad – September

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It’s been said that salad is the only thing that beavers are afraid of.  While that is undoubtedly fact, this salad is nothing to be afraid of unless you’re a beaver that also hates nice sounding things.  In that case, I’m amazed at your ability to use the internet seeing as you’re a beaver, and less concerned about whether you enjoyed the mix.  Anyways, this mix was kind of thrown together from the songs I’ve been listening to all month, and a couple late additions to make up for the plethora of new albums that are coming out or have leaked.  The first song, “Bubble”  come from Mercury Prize 2011 nominee King Creosote and Jon Hopkins.  This is a soft interesting number that has sparse percussion that keeps the songs rolling along at a comfortable pace.  Next is “WHALE” from brooklyn indie-folkers Yellow Ostrich.  I’ve just discovered these guys and found them to have a number of well done covers (including a Tallest Man “King of Spain” cover that really made me smile).  Check it out if you enjoy that sort of thing.  The song “Pineapple Girl”  from Mister Heavenly, is a fun track that reminds me of Dale Earnhardt jr. jr. with a little less manners.   “Suffragette Suffragette” from Everything Everything is a electric guitar led number that has very Two Door Cinema Club esque breaks and rhythm.  Also they pose the age old question of “Who’s going to sit on your face when I’m gone?” (jksc)  Yacht brings us an very nice synth pop anthem with “Dystopia”.  “Serve the People” from The Handsome Furs (Sub Pop) is such a great song that I really am at a loss of words about it.  I saw the duo perform this live and i think the emotion associated with my memory of that show are clouding me from making objective statements about it.  so yeah. listen.  Next is the fully electronic slash EDM section of the mix, with new songs from CSS and M83.  Finally some nice crunchy filth to end out the mix with “All Nite” and “Happy Violence”.   Pleeze pleeze enjoy this music and spread it amongst the masses that deserve to hear it.  and continue to have fun/be safe.

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  1. Bubble – King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
  2. WHALE – Yellow Ostrich
  3. Feel My Shadow – Malemute
  4. Pineapple Girl – Mister Heavenly
  5. Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club
  6. Suffragette Suffragette – Everything Everything
  7. The Look – Metronomy
  8. Penthouse Suites – Wise Blood
  9. Dystopia – Yacht
  10. Serve the People – Handsome Furs
  11. Come Back to Me – The Rapture
  12. Hit Me Like A Rock – CSS
  13. Charisma of the Sun – Tygerstrype
  14. OK Pal – M83
  15. All Nite – Rustie
  16. Happy Violence – Dada Life

Thanks and enjoy and thanks.


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