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King Creosote and Jon Hopkins

Sometimes music comes along that just has too much flavor for me to share it with anyone right away.  I get nervous that I’m enjoying these sounds just because of how unique it is, instead of it simply just being good music.  Its almost that I feel like I might be getting tricked by a facade of production tricks or gypsy magic that makes me THINK that the music is good, as opposed to knowing for sure.  Upon first listen of Diamond Mine from King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, I was enamored by the richness of the backing tracks (Jon Hopkins) and the vocals (King Creosote).  First off, I’m a sucka for vocalists with blatant accents, and King Creosotes Scottish* drawl plays right into that weakness.  The first track that caught my attention was “John Taylor’s Month Away” which is a slowly building track that swells up to large wide sounds and eventually fades into a soundscape beautifully orchestrated by Jon Hopkins.  This album was reported as a project that was “a culmination of about seven weeks of work spread over seven years of recording and collaboration” which really shows in the final project.  I feel like this started as a dream between the two of them to work with a musician that they respected and because they both had a unique vision for the project, it ended up being such a masterpiece.  The standout track on Diamond Mine for me would definitely be “Bubble”, which features Hopkins knack for minimalist percussion and other droning chords that create such a lovely backdrop for the harmonizations of the the vocals.  The final product is quite the enchanting adventure, and they managed to capture that with an AMAZING music video.  Check out the video and other quality tracks below.


[audio http://www.archive.org/download/KingCreosoteJonHopkins_690/05-Bubble.mp3]

“John Taylor’s Month Away”

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/KingCreosoteJonHopkins_690/02-JohnTaylorsMonthAway.mp3]

“Bats in the Attic (unravelled)”

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/KingCreosoteJonHopkins_690/03-BatsInTheAtticunravelled.mp3]

Check out their concert from the Tiny Desk Series from NPR to see how it all happens.

Thanks and enjoy and thanks. xx


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