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Songs with Friends – Music 4 Penguins

Music For Penguins is a mix that I made quite a while ago, and then lost track of for some insignificant reason or another.  However, because of a recent increase in productivity and free-time, I’m going to upload it.  The songs are not all current, but they are all songs, I assure you of this.  This mix is made for walking, socializing, caring, swimming, and most importantly sharing.  I feel that penguins embody these Ideas quite readily, and hence, Music 4 Penguins.  The mix begins whisper soft, (quite literally) and crescendo’s in the middle portion and then fades off with an easy-going finale.  This is one of the more varied mixtapes I’ve made in terms of time period of the release of these songs.  However, they all fit into a certain portion of my brain set aside for pleasant and nice songs.  The subject matter is not always positive, but the execution is typically smooth.  If you’re looking for music to listen to while you spring clean, or go for a hike, or sail through some daydreams, this is all you need.

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Brain Salad – April 2012

Brain Salad – April 2012

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“If I were more nocturnal, I would surely miss seeing my shadow.  This peculiar dark spot that diligently follows my earthly shell, reminds me of the momentary changes I can make to this physical world.  Similarly, it is a constant reminder of the great ball of fire that we rely on to survive on this planet.  Lying on my back towards the sun, I am often stricken with guilt that people of the current era do not pay respect to the sun as much as the people of old.  With spring fully upon us, the days are getting longer, and our mid-day shadows are becoming much shorter.  This provides an excellent opportunity to explore the wonders of your individual world.  So the next time you’re feeling the urge to re-watch old episodes of your program of choice, drop your headphones onto that powerful cranium, and romp around for an hour or so.  If you truly regret it, then you may be having an uncommon case of springtime seasonal depression, and just might be beyond help.”

– Robert “Bobby” Frost

This month’s Brain Salad comes with its fair share of sunny and bright tunes, most notably, two tracks off the debut release from Vacationer with “No Rules” and “Good as New”.  Both tracks are extremely catchy and have everything that I look for in a good synth pop song.  Make sure to check out their album,Gone, on their Bandcamp, it’s too legit to be illegitimate.  Topping of the mix, is two folky songs, one from an artists I’ve been following for a while, Of Monsters and Men, and a brand new discovery to me, an excellent folk group out of Houston that goes by the name of Buxton.  Next, the fun, bounding track from Imperial Teen, has been my international walking anthem for the past few weeks.  Delicate Steve teases us with a track his latest album, Positive Force, coming on May 15.  I brought in another track off Conner Youngblood‘s free EP Sketches Pt. 1, simply because he’s making some extremely creative music and I firmly believe that more people should be aware of it.  Nite Jewel‘s album One Second of Love, caught me completely off guard and I’m simply infatuated with the track “She’s always Watching you”off that one.  The mix ends with some peppy, and almost-annoying tunes, from Tanlines and the always reliable Remix Artist Collective.  The last track on this is a unique banger from french hip-hop/edm producers Chill Bump.  Watch out for them if you dig this track because they’re quite on point.

As always, take care, please share, and Thank you x2.  xx

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