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I’m Back Like The Area Between Your Neck And Butt.

“I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back at the Jump-off.”



If my life were a music video it would probably be dimly lit and boring, but with a bunch of cameos.  Who doesn’t like a good cameo?  One time my brother and I were at a crowded bar and we thought we saw Bruce Willis.  The excitement was enough.  We didn’t even check if it was him.  It was HIM.  So here I am back with a cameo in my own life.  Showing up to surprise everyone, even though they already knew I was here.  Leaving you with a “I don’t know what I was expecting…” kinda vibe.

Lately, I’ve really been enthralled by older sounds.  Revisiting albums I used to spin in my Blue Walkman with behind the ear headphones and dream about how great life will be once I get my braces off.  

Let’s start on the schoolbus.  I think this may have been the first track I ever downloaded of Kazaa.  And subsequently the first track that I burned onto a blank cd, probably with the only three other songs that I had downloaded on dial-up that week.


Next was a song that I thought I understood so well when I heard it as a new song.  However years down the road I would read the lyrics and find out that I had no idea what heck it meant.


Things were different then.  And, this song was just way to groovy for a kid to comprehend.  I still lurk around with the chime from this song in my head.  Coming from a artist that I’m not sure I’ll ever really understand, but still inspires.



Now let’s slap it back to the new school with a new song from Athens, GA hailing songsmith Kishi Bashi.  I had the chance to see him in Asheville last week and boy-o-boy was it a good show.  Truly a gifted artist.  Pay him your respect.



Wise men share what they’ve found.  Others don’t.


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