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New Mix – “Do The Right Thing”


Giulio Ghirardi

Lately I’ve been in contemplation of the intent of the songwriter.  As I absorb the songs, I often wonder what the message attempting to be conveyed is.  Sometimes song are intentionally ambiguous about their theme.  This leaves much of the message open to the interpretation of the listener.  This can be a gift, because one will often find more parallels within the music and their own life when left with more space to fill in.  These songs can be great for both the active and passive listener.  Easily ignoring the content, admiring the feel, or digging in and really inserting your own meaning into the vague lyrics.  On the flip side, there are those songs that just come out and spell it out for you.  The lead track from this mix is such a song.  “Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)” is easily one of my top tracks from 2014 so far and its been a great companion to the spring>>summer transition.  The lyrics are a commandment that is as earnest as any.

Do the right thing.  Do it all the time.


  1. Ages and Ages – Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
  2. PHOX – Slow Motion
  3. Damon Albarn – Mr Tembo
  4. Wet – Dreams
  5. Mac Demarco – Goodbye Weekend
  6. The War On Drugs – Under The Pressure
  7. Vacationer – The Wild Life
  8. Glass Animals – Cocoa Hooves
  9. King Krule – A Lizard State
  10. Freddie Gibbs – High (feat. Danny Brown)
  11. RATKING – Canal


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