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Forecast – Highly Anticipated Albums this Summer/Fall 2014

As we’ve reached the midway point of the year, we’ve already seen some fantastic releases.  The War On Drugs, Ages and Ages, Beck, and St. Vincent all killed early 2014 with some amazing albums.  It’s already been such an incredible year for music, that its hard to believe that its only half way through.


Vacationer – Relief – June 24

I had the chance to catch these guys play an opening set for Hellogoodbye (wtf?) and boy-o-boy!  It was fantastic.  After having been captivated by the 2012’s Gone after it’s release, I have been hungry for more fresh tunes.  Vacationer’s special strain of summery poolside indie rock tunes is best enjoyed poolside on a sunny day (geddit?)  Catch the single “The Wild Life” below and give their first album a listen as well if you’re not familiar.


How To Dress Well – What is This Heart?  – June 14

Tom Krell’s experimental R&B moniker is getting ready for another big release in just a few days.  I’m really excited about this album because we really haven’t heard much of the material from it save for one track.  “Face Again” is an excellent dark and moody track that is like a shadow from the hot sun.  Its a song best listened to alone.  Check it out below.


Grimes – Name TBA – September ?

Grimes is currently benefiting from the media buzz surround her song she wrote for Rihanna which was turned down.   The real news of this story is that it was co-written with the fantastic Blood Diamonds.  She played it just recently at the Governer’s Ball Festival and you can check it out below.  While the song is definitely more EDM/dubstep than her previous work, I think the drop suits her.  Her bubble-gum pop vocals could use some hard drops.  You know, juxtaposition and shit.


Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence  –  June 16 (UK) / June 17 ( US)

Really looking forward to this one.  After her debut that generated so much buzz that people got suspicious, her follow up is going to crucial to her acceptance into the fringe between indie rock and pop.  The new album Ultraviolence is being produced by Black Keys member Dan Auerbach, and already is sound less trip-hoppy than her earlier work.  The first single “West Coast” comes across as much more guitar-rock but still with the sparse synth backbone that give the song her signature smoky flavor.  Its my personal favorite from the 4 songs that are out ahead of the June 17 release.  Listen to all the tracks that are out as of now below, as well as the video for “West Coast”.


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