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New Mix – Work Song


Charles Bergquist

This summer has really taken off as far as great releases, many of which have been artists new to me.  I have been so inundated with new tracks that I haven’t stopped to share many of them.  Now that I have a moment, I will bestow upon you this wonderful compilation of earworms.




At the top of this list is Hozier, an Irish singer-songwriter I can’t seem to stop listening to.  He writes powerful songs that have a blues root to them that really extracts the emotion from his lyrics and lets them shine on top of wonderful arrangement he and his band have composed.  Next is Chad VanGaaelen who released an album, Shrink Dust, earlier this year that was quite different from his previously more avant garde electronic releases.  This one strips away the busy fuzzes and beeps and lets his songwriting ability stand up front alone.  Lana Del Rey speaks for herself.  Rubblebucket hit my radar because of their booking at Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, one of my favorite independent music festivals.  They have a great energetic sound led by a femal vocalist that has a bouncing voice that really carries a good melody.  Towards the end of the list is Wet, one of my favorite new bands out of Brooklyn.  Their music is a expression of melancholia with harmonized vocal effects and lyrics like “All I know is/When you hold me/I feel lonely”.

Hope you guys enjoy this one, its been a fun one to put together.


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