under the canopy...

Mix – Crown The Pines

Its an interesting concept.  Dirty.  A sliding scale.  All relative to the opposite.  We have many different descriptors for this state of being.  Words that have a physical representation, ones that described something intangible, and ones that combine descriptions of this material world with that of the imagined one.  There are remedies for it.  Age old ones.  Fresh and cutting edge ones.  Throughout time its brought death, due to lack of knowledge of its strength.  In our day its primarily used as a negative.  Often derogatory.  Its superlative is frequently assumed.  When absence of it was realized, it because obsessive.  We have places that claim to be completely free of it, and places that make no attempt to avoid it.  The beauty of it lies within its ability to make itself present with little to no intervention.  It will reside until action has been taken to be rid of it. Only then will it start over.  Again congregating.  Negating what precautions have been taken to avoid it.  Trying to be all but one thing.  Clean.

  1. Bahamas – All The Time
  2. S. Carey – Crown the Pines
  3. Little May – Hide
  4. Khushi – One for Me
  5. Todd Terje – Johnny and Mary
  6. Summer Ghost – Ruin Lust
  7. Cathedrals – OOO AAA
  8. Niagara – Fat Kaoss
  9. Stars – From The Night


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