Hey there peoples.

Welcome to the Brain Forest.  Thanks for stopping by.  We are here to introduce you to things you don’t know you like yet.  Our mission is to deliver to you quality music that deserves your attention.  Music that evokes all sorts of emotions, sticks to your memory like a picture of a good friend, and generally improves your mood.  Music that makes you do things you wouldn’t have done otherwise, be it dance, sing, smile, laugh or cry (healthy crying only please).  Also, we’ll do our best to primarily bring you artists that consistently make good music, not just a flood of one hit wonders (sorry I’m not sorry).  In addition we won’t neglect other types of media,  there will be plenty of picture and videos to keep your eyes satisfied while your brain is thanking your ears for delivering the sweet sounds of joy.  We want to keep you entertained and keep you from doing much less productive things on the internet like google image searching compound words (like tubesock or dropkick).  Well I hope you stick around and find yourself wanting more as soon as you leave (the word fiend comes to mind).

We want you to enjoy this as much as we do.

Enjoy your stay in the Brain Forest.


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