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New Beans V

Horse Thief reminds me why I love reverb+melody.  Dirty Projectors remind me how Dave Longstreth might be one of the most gifted songwriters to come out of the Brooklyn Indie Rock Boom of ’08-’09.  New Sylvan Esso is promising.  Maggie Rogers released and EP just teases the kind of breadth she could have on a full length.   I was relieved to hear Monica Martin from PHOX singing on new material after announcing that PHOX was going to cease to create new tunes.  Shy Layers releases a track that sounds like the opening credits from a LA Cop movie set in the 80’s but filmed in 2030.

link – https://open.spotify.com/user/brainforestblog/playlist/3NOoPgod0ZsehrbMdVYF6Q


New Beans IV

Clear feat. Mothica by Pusher is true bang banger like a Val Kilmer x Robert Downer Jr. reunion.  Electric Mantis somehow captured the rhythms from inside a space insects spinal column.  Les Gordon reminds me once again that I have a hard spot for vibraphone, steel drums, toy piano, thumb piano, any sort of fun/dreamy tuned percussion.

[spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/brainforestblog/playlist/36ol6HT6DJqHOeDZ9EgyMb ]

New Beans III

ICHI steals the show on this whole playlist for me. Runner-ups include M&O for an absolute incredible anthem and Lanks for a real clapper.

New Beans II

a new playlist of songs I don’t think I need to say much more right?


got some brand new beans coming your way.  Cousin, Zack Christ, Nevermen, and John Grant highlight this mix for me.  But listen the whole thing and tell me about it.


xx Brain

Dev Hynes as Blood Orange: A Force of Motion

The producer and performer takes his touring act to the Apollo in the show “Blood Orange and Friends.”

Blood Orange is the recording and performing name for Dev Hynes, who grew up in London and became an excellent New Yorker about 10 years ago. He’s become semi-popular for his songs — the curious and elegiac tracks on the albums “Coastal Grooves” and “Cupid Deluxe” — but beyond the recorded evidence, Blood Orange represents a force of motion, aggregation, reclamation and scholarship. In his own work and through his collaborations with female singers — Carly Rae Jepsen, Solange Knowles, FKA twigs, Sky Ferreira — he’s been creatively juxtaposing the sounds of ’80s and ’90s R&B and dance music against changing contemporary aesthetics. He has never fully committed to becoming a touring act, but it’s not a stretch to predict that “Blood Orange and Friends,” at the Apollo on Dec. 12, will be a memorable scene. Guests include the rappers Le1f and Junglepussy; the hip-hop trio Ratking; and a D.J. set by Kindness, a.k.a. the singer Adam Bainbridge. (3 and 8 p.m., bowerypresents.com.)

Source: Dev Hynes as Blood Orange: A Force of Motion

Wet – Deadwater – (New Video)

via Wet – Deadwater – YouTube.

Best of 2014: Albums

It seems redundant to say “This year was a fantastic year in music.”  I feel strongly that if you are trying to enjoy yourself, you will find that you enjoy things.  Thats a silly way of saying, “Of course.”  Every year was a great year in music as long as new music was being created, performed, discussed, and adored.  The knowledge gained by engaging in any one of these actions alone is irreplaceable.

My year in music was shaped by my cyclical taste of music that relates almost completely to the weather.  Starting the year, because of some technical difficulties (read: living in the boonies), I spent a good chunk of time just catching up Continue reading

Mix – Crown The Pines

Its an interesting concept.  Dirty.  A sliding scale.  All relative to the opposite.  We have many different descriptors for this state of being.  Words that have a physical representation, ones that described something intangible, and ones that combine descriptions of this material world with that of the imagined one.  There are remedies for it.  Age old ones.  Fresh and cutting edge ones.  Throughout time its brought death, due to lack of knowledge of its strength.  In our day its primarily used as a negative.  Often derogatory.  Its superlative is frequently assumed.  When absence of it was realized, it because obsessive.  We have places that claim to be completely free of it, and places that make no attempt to avoid it.  The beauty of it lies within its ability to make itself present with little to no intervention.  It will reside until action has been taken to be rid of it. Only then will it start over.  Again congregating.  Negating what precautions have been taken to avoid it.  Trying to be all but one thing.  Clean.

  1. Bahamas – All The Time
  2. S. Carey – Crown the Pines
  3. Little May – Hide
  4. Khushi – One for Me
  5. Todd Terje – Johnny and Mary
  6. Summer Ghost – Ruin Lust
  7. Cathedrals – OOO AAA
  8. Niagara – Fat Kaoss
  9. Stars – From The Night

Mix – Feather Tongue


Tis such a silly world we exist in where we complain about the changing of the seasons.  What a glorious anomaly of existence that we get to experience such varying degrees of climate all within a period of time that, in comparison to life, is quite short.

  1. Death Vessel – Mercury Dime
  2. Slow Club – Tears of Joy
  3. Lyla Foy – Feather Tongue
  4. Peaking Lights – Little Light
  5. Landlady – Dying Day
  6. Mr Little Jeans – Oh Sailor – feat. the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale
  7. Caribou – All I Ever Need
  8. Flying Lotus – Dead Man’s Tetris (feat. Captain Murphy & Snoop Dogg)
  9. Sbtrkt – Voices In My Head
  10. The 2 Bears – Angel – Touch Me


Thanks everybody.  Tell your friends.

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