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New Gotye Single

Recently the video for Gotye’s new single of his upcoming album was leaked. This was the Belgium-born Australian’s first leak so far, and I think he handled it great. Wally released the video on vimeo right away and the single is available to purchase through iTunes (Australia) as well as directly from his site gotye.com. You can also listen to the track on his soundcloud.

The song is a duet featuring Kimbra who also has a new album coming out soon. It is an extremely emotional and powerful song. The first half of the song is simple, soothing, smooth, and beautiful. When the chorus comes in at around a minute and a half, you get hit with a wave. It honestly took my breathe away the first time I heard it. The vocals of Wally and Kimbra go together perfect, it sends chills down your spine.

The video is very moving as well with some creative stop-time animation and full body painting. I can imagine making this video was a lengthy shoot with a lot of standing around, but it turned out fantastic. I don’t know about you all, but this song will be on repeat in my headphones for at least a week. Enjoy!


Tom Morgan and James Thomas are two young cats from Wales who have been producing some amazing music as of late. They started making music together when they were 17 and now at age 20 they are making some of the best and most original sounding french house tunes. They have supported the likes of 2ManyDJs, Annie Mac, Alan Braxe, Sub Focus, Shy FX, AC Slater, Alex Metric, Burns, Louis La Roche, Jaymo & Andy George, Vitalic, Grum, Erol Alkan, Jack Beats and Doorly they are no strangers to the 1s and 2s.

Their production skills are out of this world good. 80s funk and disco songs chopped up into french filtered club bangers for your listening pleasure. They say there favorite producers and biggest influence is Daft Punk, so right there you know it’s gonna be filtered and stabby with awesome bass grooves. There is a feel to their tracks that grabs you and doesn’t let go. Every time I put them on in the club I get huge response, so normally I save them for the end. Such amazing buildups and satisfying drops.

Recently, they announced a new EP called, Oysters In The Half Shell to be released June 20th on Work It Baby Records and they gave us a preview of it! The first song is Loving Someone Else which was the first track of theirs I had heard and immediately was hooked. I have been looking forward to an official release for a while now, so this news got me very excited. I hope you guys are too!

For a while now they have been releasing remixes and original tracks on their Soundcloud and Facebook so I will be posting all of the free ones that are available for you to download. Enjoy!

Links to their pages: [soundcloud] [facebook] [myspace] [twitter] [webpage/tumblr]

—– [ free download ]

—– [ free download ]

—– [ free download ]

—– [ free download ]



Thanks for inviting me to the Brain Forest team Brain! I am looking forward to seeing how the blog develops, it already looks really good.

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