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Brain Salad – September

Brain Salad – September

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It’s been said that salad is the only thing that beavers are afraid of.  While that is undoubtedly fact, this salad is nothing to be afraid of unless you’re a beaver that also hates nice sounding things.  In that case, I’m amazed at your ability to use the internet seeing as you’re a beaver, and less concerned about whether you enjoyed the mix.  Anyways, this mix was kind of thrown together from the songs I’ve been listening to all month, and a couple late additions to make up for the plethora of new albums that are coming out or have leaked.  The first song, “Bubble”  come from Mercury Prize 2011 nominee King Creosote and Jon Hopkins.  This is a soft interesting number that has sparse percussion that keeps the songs rolling along at a comfortable pace.  Next is “WHALE” from brooklyn indie-folkers Yellow Ostrich.  I’ve just discovered these guys and found them to have a number of well done covers (including a Tallest Man “King of Spain” cover that really made me smile).  Check it out if you enjoy that sort of thing.  The song “Pineapple Girl”  from Mister Heavenly, is a fun track that reminds me of Dale Earnhardt jr. jr. with a little less manners.   “Suffragette Suffragette” from Everything Everything is a electric guitar led number that has very Two Door Cinema Club esque breaks and rhythm.  Also they pose the age old question of “Who’s going to sit on your face when I’m gone?” (jksc)  Yacht brings us an very nice synth pop anthem with “Dystopia”.  “Serve the People” from The Handsome Furs (Sub Pop) is such a great song that I really am at a loss of words about it.  I saw the duo perform this live and i think the emotion associated with my memory of that show are clouding me from making objective statements about it.  so yeah. listen.  Next is the fully electronic slash EDM section of the mix, with new songs from CSS and M83.  Finally some nice crunchy filth to end out the mix with “All Nite” and “Happy Violence”.   Pleeze pleeze enjoy this music and spread it amongst the masses that deserve to hear it.  and continue to have fun/be safe.

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  1. Bubble – King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
  2. WHALE – Yellow Ostrich
  3. Feel My Shadow – Malemute
  4. Pineapple Girl – Mister Heavenly
  5. Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club
  6. Suffragette Suffragette – Everything Everything
  7. The Look – Metronomy
  8. Penthouse Suites – Wise Blood
  9. Dystopia – Yacht
  10. Serve the People – Handsome Furs
  11. Come Back to Me – The Rapture
  12. Hit Me Like A Rock – CSS
  13. Charisma of the Sun – Tygerstrype
  14. OK Pal – M83
  15. All Nite – Rustie
  16. Happy Violence – Dada Life

Thanks and enjoy and thanks.

Brain Salad – August

Brain Salad – August



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This month’s Brain Salad is full of wonderfully fun songs that have guided me through the summer days with relative ease.  Lookin forward to getting back to the brick streets of the university and enjoy the company of my friends.  There was a large quantity of good music released this months, and some wonderful new albums have made their way through my ears (Fruit Bats, Beirut, Portugal the Man) I’m seeing the Head and the Heart(!!!!) w/the Decemberists this week so alot of my listening has been occupied with that.  First is a song that I’ve been sitting on for a while, “Wedding Song”, is a song by Anais Mitchell from her Folk album Hadestown featuring Justin Vernon (Bon Iver).  Its a sweet sweet song with nice harmonies that have been stickin to the inside of my head for quite some time.  Next is my favorite song of the new Vetiver album The Errant Charm.  “Can’t You Tell” is a chill song perfect for strolling around in the sun on any given summer day.  “Dolly” by the Fruit Bats is a playful number from one of my new favorite bands.  Their new album has been on repeat.  The new stuff from The Kooks, Portugal.  The Man, and Beirut is all just as quality as one would expect from these wonderful bands.  The new song “Go Outside” from the Cults is just too summer (cool) to leave off this playlist, I’m really liking it.  “Somebody That I Used To Know” found its way onto the playlist because it enlisted the magic of a wonderful dual male/female lead vocal part.  Just can’t get enough of this track.  The next is the electronic section of the salad, is really quite groovin if I do say so myself.  The new track from Bjork, “Crystalline”, pleased me to hear because of its similarity in percussion to Sufjan Stevens on the Age of Adz.  Tycho’s new song goes in the category of “Superchill” and fit right in.  “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn has been remixed and thrown into mashups and mixes so much since we first heard it, and I put my favorite of those on here.  The final track is remix to “Somebody that I Used To Know” that I really enjoyed when I came upon it.  Hope you do as well.  In addition I hope the entirety of this mix improves your mood and has you better than you were previously.

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  1. Wedding Song – Anais Mitchell
  2. Can’t You Tell – Vetiver
  3. Dolly – Fruit Bats
  4. Junk of the Heart (Happy) – The Kooks
  5. Got it All (This Can’t Be Living Now) – Portugal.  The Man
  6. Santa Fe – Beirut
  7. Go Outside – Cults
  8. Somebody that I used to Know – Gotye ft. Kimbra
  9. Rising – Son Lux
  10. All There Is – Chrome Sparks ft. Steffaloo
  11. Crystalline – Bjork
  12. Hours  – Tycho
  13. Circles – Digitalism
  14. Gucci Gucci (Rock It Scientists) – Kreayshawn
  15. Somebody that I Used to Know (Rufus Re-Edit) – Gotye ft.  Kimbra

thanks and enjoy and thanks.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – It’s a Corporate World (review + video + stream)

As disappointed as I am that I am missing/missed the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. concert in Cincinnati, I can’t complain about camping with the fam and relaxin’ after a taxin’ finals week.  Also, it doesn’t kill my excitement about the new album.  I gave them a chance after hearing their cover of a Beach boys song “God Only Knows“.  That had me hooked, I’m totally a sucka for some solid vocal harmonies.  This was no exception.  The tracks on this album all have a certain amount of intimacy to them that makes you want to get closer to your speakers (or just turn it up).  It’s really quite warm.  The electronic instrumentation on tracks like “An Ugly Person on a Movie Screen” got me smirkin from the start.  The slightly distorted vocals color the tracks really nicely, along with some other subtle effects that let me know that these guys know what they’re doing and not just up to some cheap gimmicks.  Give these guys a solid watch or listen.  Preeze.

For fans of The Drums, Surf Rock(kinda), quirky people, vintage instruments, NASCAR (jksc)

The final sale on this album/band was this ridiculous KCRW session.

watch the full session at the link below.


Or check out “Simple Girl” from that Session

Stream (listen to) the album here.


Album Review: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – It’s a Corporate World | One Thirty BPM.


[audio http://www.pastemagazine.com/blogs/free_mp3/2011/05/11/03%20Skeletons.mp3]

Thanks and share and thanks.

Brain Salad – May

In the words of Mark Wahlberg, “Brain Salad is my favorite meat.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself Marky.  This Brain Salad created itself in the midst of what was a very strange month, and I think it reflects that.  The mix of greens and veggies and dressing and crunchy squares of bread in this one really create quick a delicious dish.  There are parts of this mix that I’ve struggled not to share with you prematurely because iI was so dayum excited about them.  Sew much good music came out this month, and it was fun and time-consuming sorting through all of it.  But I’ve done it, and I’m confident I’ve done it well.  I Sincerely hope you agree. Continue reading


Most of my summers throughout out my life have had “songs of the summer” that I easily associate with them, and for that I am thankful, because tied to those songs are sooo many memories that I hold very close to my heart and Brain. Well for the summer of 2009, there was an entire album that made its way into my life, and grabbed ahold of my ears and never ceased to release. That album was the Discovery LP. For those unaware, this was the brain child of Wes Miles, the lead singer of the amazing Ra Ra Riot, and Rostam Batmanglij, the keyboardist from the always fun Vampire Weekend.  The album is considered indie electronic rock with some R&B influences.  What really does it for me is the textures and color of the synths that are used on this album.  On Osaka Loop Line, the intro is a hard thick synth line with an abrupt pause, that lets you feel the beat before the kick drum and claps come in.  Rostam is a big fan of clap samples and cheesy 80’s type percussion.  This style works really well alongside Wes Miles’ vocals and really makes me smile to listen to.  I can always go back and listen to this entire album, from the enchanting synth patterns, to the fat bass drums, and poppy claps.  I love every minute of it.

For Fans of:  Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, Two Door Cinema Club

Can You Discover (Ra Ra Riot cover)

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/Discovery_504/03CanYouDiscover_.mp3]

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Brain Salad – April

Brain Salad – April

April’s Brain Salad has a great deal of mixed greens, that starts with folk and ends with filth (Filth Collins that is). The first song Daydreaming by Middle Brother was stuck in my head worse than the first time I heard Blue (Da Ba Dee), which is purty dayum bad, its just a great folk track that I would like to never forget. Tv on the Radio’s new album is money, real good energy on that one, hard to pick of a favorite track. Summer was described by friend as being “almost too Chill… almost.”, agreed. Exposition by Man in Space is something that I had to include simply for its uniqueness, not sure I’ve heard anything similar, ‘cept maybe tune-yards. The RAC remix is one of a multitude of great releases by the Collective. Next comes Architecture in Helsinki, which I succinctly describe as Nu-MadonnaPrince/Indie/Dance-pop with an extra helping of sass. Mansion on the Moon are an old fave, and they’re workin on a new album so be on the lookout for that. Yeasayer’s “Phoenix Wind” showed up on their Record Store Day release, which was enjoyed greatly. OK. Next. Jesty Beatz is rumored (and hinted) to be workin on a new album, set to be released soon hopefully, and to spawn hype I’ve included possibly the greatest song ever made, “The Plot to Save the World/Genesis 16”. Multi-talented rapper Childish Gambino’s All of the Lights cover/remix goes on here for its ingenious flow and the mere fact that he name dropped Frank Ocean (google dat). Ken Griffey Jr. slept its way onto the mix just for sheer creativity. And Flux Pavillion win’s the Filthiest drop to date. I almost poo’d the first time, be wary. Well on that note, enjoy and share the glove. 

Tracklist after the Jump. Continue reading

Brain Salad – March

Brain Salad – March

This Brain Salad is what has been ringin in my head all througout March.  Obviously the new Fleet Foxes and Iron and Wine were excellent.  Really diggin the Tune-yards crazy Lo-fi/electronic/folk/R&B experiment they’ve (she) released.  Hoodie Allen and Chiddy Bang have been on heavy rotation, expecially that NY is Killing Me track.  Can’t say enough good things about James Blake, he’s something new and different in the most wonderful way.  I keep listening to tracks from his self-titled album on repeat.  Not really any FilthyGrimyDirty dubstep on this mix, stragnely enough.  It’s been a WOMPWOMP dryspell as I’ve been exploring some more ambient and experimental electronic stuff.  Anyways, hope you enjoy, its been another great month of an excellent musical 2011 so far.  New Dangermouse on the horizon has got me itchin’ though…

tracklist after the jump. Continue reading

Brain Salad – February

Brain Salad – February

This was the first monthly Brain Salad Release (ask me why there’s no January).  I wasn’t really sure what I was doing when I started.  It began as a simple playlist in my iTunes of songs that I couldn’t stop listening to, and then I decided I must share this gloriousness with the world.  So come the end of the month I set out to search for some album art, and here we are.  The mix starts and ends (and middles?) with Rolling in the Deep, the absolutely absurdly good track from Adele.  This is one of the few songs I enjoy hearing on top 40 radio, and its because the splendidness cannot be ignored.  Next, comes a newish track from the lovely Mumford and Sons, and I really can’t get enough of these guys.  Another band I can’t get enough of, which you may know if you’ve had any sort of musical conversation with me, is Young the Giant (formerly the Jakes),  who are featured twice with their old song Take Me Home, and with their cover of Rolling in the Deep.  Tallest Man on Earth is the truth, nuff said, I love that squirelly dood.  After Vampire Weekend’s fun Fleetwood Mac cover, the mix stays primarily electronic.  Dabbles in some hip-hop with some Odd Future and Jesty, two of the most on point groups/people in hip-hop.   Before the remixes at the end of the mix there are a couple atmospheric electronic tracks(Contact High will remain in my head for the rest of the year). Can’t get enough Jamie xx, he’s got producer’s midas touch.  The end spell of remixes are either fun, dirty, filthy, or nasty.  Listen and decide.

tracklist after the jump.  Continue reading

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