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Brain Salad – November

Brain Salad – November

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“Whenever the first leaves would fall, back when I was a child, I would began to count down the moments until there were enough to gather.  The amount wasn’t anything specific, more like an estimation of how big the pile would have to be to break my fall.  Just beyond the worn away patch of dirt in the lawn, I would corral the leaves.  Always careful to try and filter out any twigs or other debris that could later become dangerous.  The old rope swing stayed up year round, but some seasons were favorable.  You never knew for sure if it was a good cushion until you tried it.  So once I felt I had an adequate collection I would back up as far as I could go.  Running and leaping with a mighty push, I would launch into the brisk air.”

-Danny Glover


  1. Pillow Talk – Wild Child
  2. One Thing – Peter and Kerry
  3. The Ballad of Speck and Pebble – Delicate Steve
  4. Up Up Up – Givers
  5. Settle Down – Kimbra
  6. Australia – Conner Youngblood
  7. Time Spent in Los Angeles – Dawes
  8. Cannons – Youth Lagoon
  9. Money – The Drums
  10. Champagne Coast – Blood Orange
  11. Death by Accident – Halloween, Alaska
  12. Call it Off – Washed Out
  13. DIY – Keep Shelly in Athens
  14. Colours (Remix) – DJ21azy
  15. Ohio – Justice
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Thanks and Enjoy and Thanks. xx

Brain Salad – October

Brain Salad – October



Last night I had a dream that my friends and I were being pulled around a lake (in which one end was a shallow indoor pool) by a rope that had some sort of strange throttle mechanism on it.  Hanging on to this rope, my friends and I zipped around the lake just enjoying the ride.  All of this was fine and grand until we were pulled back into the pool area and we discovered something written on the floor of the pool.  I remember getting just close enough to read it, feeling scared because of the way that my friend had shouted about it, and then I woke up.

Enjoy this months Brain Salad.


  1. The Bad in Each Other – Feist
  2. Love & Light – Sandro Perri
  3. Virus – Bjork
  4. Cruel – St. Vincent
  5. On Your Side – Icarus Himself
  6. Carried Away – The Kooks
  7. Honey Bunny – Girls
  8. Post War Blues – Dan Mangam
  9. My KZ Ur BF – Everything Everything
  10. Murder Room – Pepper Rabbit
  11. Lemonade – Braids
  12. Fading Colors (Bloomington) – Canon Blue
  13. Bonfire – Childish Gambino
  14. Kelly (Schlomo Remix) – When Saints Go Machine
  15. Family Affair – Hugo Frederick


Tom Morgan and James Thomas are two young cats from Wales who have been producing some amazing music as of late. They started making music together when they were 17 and now at age 20 they are making some of the best and most original sounding french house tunes. They have supported the likes of 2ManyDJs, Annie Mac, Alan Braxe, Sub Focus, Shy FX, AC Slater, Alex Metric, Burns, Louis La Roche, Jaymo & Andy George, Vitalic, Grum, Erol Alkan, Jack Beats and Doorly they are no strangers to the 1s and 2s.

Their production skills are out of this world good. 80s funk and disco songs chopped up into french filtered club bangers for your listening pleasure. They say there favorite producers and biggest influence is Daft Punk, so right there you know it’s gonna be filtered and stabby with awesome bass grooves. There is a feel to their tracks that grabs you and doesn’t let go. Every time I put them on in the club I get huge response, so normally I save them for the end. Such amazing buildups and satisfying drops.

Recently, they announced a new EP called, Oysters In The Half Shell to be released June 20th on Work It Baby Records and they gave us a preview of it! The first song is Loving Someone Else which was the first track of theirs I had heard and immediately was hooked. I have been looking forward to an official release for a while now, so this news got me very excited. I hope you guys are too!

For a while now they have been releasing remixes and original tracks on their Soundcloud and Facebook so I will be posting all of the free ones that are available for you to download. Enjoy!

Links to their pages: [soundcloud] [facebook] [myspace] [twitter] [webpage/tumblr]

—– [ free download ]

—– [ free download ]

—– [ free download ]

—– [ free download ]



Thanks for inviting me to the Brain Forest team Brain! I am looking forward to seeing how the blog develops, it already looks really good.

Brain Salad – May

In the words of Mark Wahlberg, “Brain Salad is my favorite meat.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself Marky.  This Brain Salad created itself in the midst of what was a very strange month, and I think it reflects that.  The mix of greens and veggies and dressing and crunchy squares of bread in this one really create quick a delicious dish.  There are parts of this mix that I’ve struggled not to share with you prematurely because iI was so dayum excited about them.  Sew much good music came out this month, and it was fun and time-consuming sorting through all of it.  But I’ve done it, and I’m confident I’ve done it well.  I Sincerely hope you agree. Continue reading

Brain Salad – April

Brain Salad – April

April’s Brain Salad has a great deal of mixed greens, that starts with folk and ends with filth (Filth Collins that is). The first song Daydreaming by Middle Brother was stuck in my head worse than the first time I heard Blue (Da Ba Dee), which is purty dayum bad, its just a great folk track that I would like to never forget. Tv on the Radio’s new album is money, real good energy on that one, hard to pick of a favorite track. Summer was described by friend as being “almost too Chill… almost.”, agreed. Exposition by Man in Space is something that I had to include simply for its uniqueness, not sure I’ve heard anything similar, ‘cept maybe tune-yards. The RAC remix is one of a multitude of great releases by the Collective. Next comes Architecture in Helsinki, which I succinctly describe as Nu-MadonnaPrince/Indie/Dance-pop with an extra helping of sass. Mansion on the Moon are an old fave, and they’re workin on a new album so be on the lookout for that. Yeasayer’s “Phoenix Wind” showed up on their Record Store Day release, which was enjoyed greatly. OK. Next. Jesty Beatz is rumored (and hinted) to be workin on a new album, set to be released soon hopefully, and to spawn hype I’ve included possibly the greatest song ever made, “The Plot to Save the World/Genesis 16”. Multi-talented rapper Childish Gambino’s All of the Lights cover/remix goes on here for its ingenious flow and the mere fact that he name dropped Frank Ocean (google dat). Ken Griffey Jr. slept its way onto the mix just for sheer creativity. And Flux Pavillion win’s the Filthiest drop to date. I almost poo’d the first time, be wary. Well on that note, enjoy and share the glove. 

Tracklist after the Jump. Continue reading

Brain Salad – March

Brain Salad – March

This Brain Salad is what has been ringin in my head all througout March.  Obviously the new Fleet Foxes and Iron and Wine were excellent.  Really diggin the Tune-yards crazy Lo-fi/electronic/folk/R&B experiment they’ve (she) released.  Hoodie Allen and Chiddy Bang have been on heavy rotation, expecially that NY is Killing Me track.  Can’t say enough good things about James Blake, he’s something new and different in the most wonderful way.  I keep listening to tracks from his self-titled album on repeat.  Not really any FilthyGrimyDirty dubstep on this mix, stragnely enough.  It’s been a WOMPWOMP dryspell as I’ve been exploring some more ambient and experimental electronic stuff.  Anyways, hope you enjoy, its been another great month of an excellent musical 2011 so far.  New Dangermouse on the horizon has got me itchin’ though…

tracklist after the jump. Continue reading

Brain Salad – February

Brain Salad – February

This was the first monthly Brain Salad Release (ask me why there’s no January).  I wasn’t really sure what I was doing when I started.  It began as a simple playlist in my iTunes of songs that I couldn’t stop listening to, and then I decided I must share this gloriousness with the world.  So come the end of the month I set out to search for some album art, and here we are.  The mix starts and ends (and middles?) with Rolling in the Deep, the absolutely absurdly good track from Adele.  This is one of the few songs I enjoy hearing on top 40 radio, and its because the splendidness cannot be ignored.  Next, comes a newish track from the lovely Mumford and Sons, and I really can’t get enough of these guys.  Another band I can’t get enough of, which you may know if you’ve had any sort of musical conversation with me, is Young the Giant (formerly the Jakes),  who are featured twice with their old song Take Me Home, and with their cover of Rolling in the Deep.  Tallest Man on Earth is the truth, nuff said, I love that squirelly dood.  After Vampire Weekend’s fun Fleetwood Mac cover, the mix stays primarily electronic.  Dabbles in some hip-hop with some Odd Future and Jesty, two of the most on point groups/people in hip-hop.   Before the remixes at the end of the mix there are a couple atmospheric electronic tracks(Contact High will remain in my head for the rest of the year). Can’t get enough Jamie xx, he’s got producer’s midas touch.  The end spell of remixes are either fun, dirty, filthy, or nasty.  Listen and decide.

tracklist after the jump.  Continue reading

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