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New Beans V

Horse Thief reminds me why I love reverb+melody.  Dirty Projectors remind me how Dave Longstreth might be one of the most gifted songwriters to come out of the Brooklyn Indie Rock Boom of ’08-’09.  New Sylvan Esso is promising.  Maggie Rogers released and EP just teases the kind of breadth she could have on a full length.   I was relieved to hear Monica Martin from PHOX singing on new material after announcing that PHOX was going to cease to create new tunes.  Shy Layers releases a track that sounds like the opening credits from a LA Cop movie set in the 80’s but filmed in 2030.

link – https://open.spotify.com/user/brainforestblog/playlist/3NOoPgod0ZsehrbMdVYF6Q


New Beans III

ICHI steals the show on this whole playlist for me. Runner-ups include M&O for an absolute incredible anthem and Lanks for a real clapper.

New Beans II

a new playlist of songs I don’t think I need to say much more right?


got some brand new beans coming your way.  Cousin, Zack Christ, Nevermen, and John Grant highlight this mix for me.  But listen the whole thing and tell me about it.


xx Brain

Wet – Deadwater – (New Video)

via Wet – Deadwater – YouTube.

Best of 2014: Albums

It seems redundant to say “This year was a fantastic year in music.”  I feel strongly that if you are trying to enjoy yourself, you will find that you enjoy things.  Thats a silly way of saying, “Of course.”  Every year was a great year in music as long as new music was being created, performed, discussed, and adored.  The knowledge gained by engaging in any one of these actions alone is irreplaceable.

My year in music was shaped by my cyclical taste of music that relates almost completely to the weather.  Starting the year, because of some technical difficulties (read: living in the boonies), I spent a good chunk of time just catching up Continue reading

Mix – Feather Tongue


Tis such a silly world we exist in where we complain about the changing of the seasons.  What a glorious anomaly of existence that we get to experience such varying degrees of climate all within a period of time that, in comparison to life, is quite short.

  1. Death Vessel – Mercury Dime
  2. Slow Club – Tears of Joy
  3. Lyla Foy – Feather Tongue
  4. Peaking Lights – Little Light
  5. Landlady – Dying Day
  6. Mr Little Jeans – Oh Sailor – feat. the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale
  7. Caribou – All I Ever Need
  8. Flying Lotus – Dead Man’s Tetris (feat. Captain Murphy & Snoop Dogg)
  9. Sbtrkt – Voices In My Head
  10. The 2 Bears – Angel – Touch Me


Thanks everybody.  Tell your friends.

New Mix – Our Love

New Mix – Our Love


So Sharon Van Etten has been kicking my ass lately.  I simply cannot shake the emotion conveyed on her new record Are We There.   She leads off this mix with the brooding “Our Love”, which opens with a smooth drum-machine beat that carries the song.  Also in this mix is Frankie Cosmos, whose song “School” makes me feel funny.  It’s such a simple song that carries a decent amount of weight.  Dan Croll’s “Wanna Know” lodged itself in my head for a good long while and “Warranted Queen” was a song that I caught on a mix and I was delighted to rehear a week later, this time with the artist info(Arum Rae).  “Why” from Mas Ysa is a bit of a frantic dance hit, with a fantastic hook.  Dana Buoy fell on my radar because they’re opening for Sylvan Esso on their current headlining tour.  The mix finishes with hands down my favorite producer, Jamie XX with a track he wrote on the road because he missed the UK.  While I’ve never been to the UK, I sure do miss a whole lot of places.

Tracklist after the jump Continue reading

I’m Back Like The Area Between Your Neck And Butt.

“I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back at the Jump-off.”



If my life were a music video it would probably be dimly lit and boring, but with a bunch of cameos.  Who doesn’t like a good cameo?  One time my brother and I were at a crowded bar and we thought we saw Bruce Willis.  The excitement was enough.  We didn’t even check if it was him.  It was HIM.  So here I am back with a cameo in my own life.  Showing up to surprise everyone, even though they already knew I was here.  Leaving you with a “I don’t know what I was expecting…” kinda vibe.

Lately, I’ve really been enthralled by older sounds.  Revisiting albums I used to spin in my Blue Walkman with behind the ear headphones and dream about how great life will be once I get my braces off.  

Let’s start on the schoolbus.  I think this may have been the first track I ever downloaded of Kazaa.  And subsequently the first track that I burned onto a blank cd, probably with the only three other songs that I had downloaded on dial-up that week.


Next was a song that I thought I understood so well when I heard it as a new song.  However years down the road I would read the lyrics and find out that I had no idea what heck it meant.


Things were different then.  And, this song was just way to groovy for a kid to comprehend.  I still lurk around with the chime from this song in my head.  Coming from a artist that I’m not sure I’ll ever really understand, but still inspires.



Now let’s slap it back to the new school with a new song from Athens, GA hailing songsmith Kishi Bashi.  I had the chance to see him in Asheville last week and boy-o-boy was it a good show.  Truly a gifted artist.  Pay him your respect.



Wise men share what they’ve found.  Others don’t.

Songs with Friends – Music 4 Penguins

Music For Penguins is a mix that I made quite a while ago, and then lost track of for some insignificant reason or another.  However, because of a recent increase in productivity and free-time, I’m going to upload it.  The songs are not all current, but they are all songs, I assure you of this.  This mix is made for walking, socializing, caring, swimming, and most importantly sharing.  I feel that penguins embody these Ideas quite readily, and hence, Music 4 Penguins.  The mix begins whisper soft, (quite literally) and crescendo’s in the middle portion and then fades off with an easy-going finale.  This is one of the more varied mixtapes I’ve made in terms of time period of the release of these songs.  However, they all fit into a certain portion of my brain set aside for pleasant and nice songs.  The subject matter is not always positive, but the execution is typically smooth.  If you’re looking for music to listen to while you spring clean, or go for a hike, or sail through some daydreams, this is all you need.

Tracklist after the Jump

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