under the canopy...
Indie Rock

Dent May

Music sounds better in the summer.  Or maybe I feel better in the summer.  Regardless, there’s something that get’s me smiling like a nutcase when I hear a bright and shimmering song while its this hot out.  It’s just the satisfying sound of cool.

Dent May‘s album Do Things is out now on Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks imprint.  Strung together on this album are indie-rock songs with drum machine rhythms and reverb filled vocals and guitars.  The way I hear it, it sounds a great deal like a band discovered unreleased Beach Boys songs, and decided to cover them in their own style. This is a very good thing.  Every bit of this album makes me smile.  The lead singer, strangely named Dent May, has a delightful falsetto that he exploits perfectly.  Also, he does a wonderful deep vibrato on some of his sustained noises that pleases the ear much in the way that chocolate pleases the tongue.

The standout tracks on this album for me are “Rent Money”, “Do Things”, and “Wedding Day”.

Check them out below.

“Rent Money”

“Do Things”

“Wedding Day”

or stream it on Spotify here

Thanks and enjoy and Thanks

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